Husbands: Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Shoot’em!

IMG_1052.JPGLet me start out by saying, I love my husband. He is extremely hard-working, an excellent provider, and just an overall good person.  However, despite his work ethic and good-nature, there are certain things he does that really grind my gears. We’re not perfect, nor do I expect him to be. I just expect him to stop doing the things that get on my last nerves. You know, the things that you have argued about a thousand times, and they still wonder why you’re pissed?  I am not going to write this long intro, because I hate when I look up a recipe or something, and the writer gives a two-page history briefing (a story within a story, even though I’m unable to tell a story without a back story), just tell me how to make the damn bundt cake! I don’t need to know how your Nana created the recipe. So, here it is… The list of all the things my husband does (or doesn’t do) that sends me into a homicidal rage (okay, that might be over exaggerated, but you know what I mean):

  1. Bombards me with a round of 21 questions the very second I wake up in the morning. I’m not exactly a ‘morning person’ and even if I was, I hate questions. I despise being asked a slew of questions in general, especially first thing in the morning. Who does?
  2. Leaves his beard/mustache clippings all over the bathroom. While he thinks he’s done good because he hasn’t left hair clippings all over the sink, he fails to look at the floor for miniature hair piles. Always. There is always a mess of hair all over the bathroom floor. Do you not feel the tickling sensation on your feet when you clip a strip of facial hair? I can feel that sensation when a single hair strand is dangling from my arm… through two layers of clothing.
  3. Doesn’t separate the silverware when he loads the dishwasher. Yes, this is a peeve. Why? Because it makes my life that much easier and a lot less of a drag to unload the dishwasher when the silverware is separated. Then, each segment of utensils can be grabbed all at once and put in its proper place in the drawer. Why is this such a difficult concept to comprehend?
  4. Doesn’t separate the laundry: Whites, darks, and lights. Have you ever went to go look for your favorite floral tank top, and it’s missing? You resort to looking in the dryer, and there it is! Dingy and dull. Stripped from all of its vibrant floral glory. Yep, your husband listened to your cries for help around the house and did the laundry. RUINED! All of it! And you can’t yell at him, because YOU asked him to help, and HE actually listened. This will turn into another one of those arguments about how he “can’t do anything right.”
  5. Uses the wrong towels for all the wrong situations. Every time I see my husband approaching the towel closet, my whole body tenses. Why? Glad you asked! Because he always grabs a bath/shower towel to clean a mess our dog made on the living room floor. Then, he will grab ‘clean-up’ towels to use for showering. Yes, he knows better. He knows because I have told (yelled) at him about the difference, AND the shelves that hold the different towels in the closet are LABELED! Don’t judge me. I take pride in organization.
  6. Doesn’t fold anything (clothes, bath towels, dish towels) the way he finds them. Okay, I blame this on Basic Training in the Air Force. I spent hours folding towels, clipping loose strands from my uniform, and making sure the towels and various items were ‘flush’ with my locker shelves. I CAN’T STOP. It drives me crazy because he sees and knows how I like all things folded, and yet he folds them any old messy way and tosses them where he thinks they go. (This is where the questions should be asked), I digress.
  7. Anything that requires him doing something for our son that has potential to escalate into a tantrum (i.e. putting on shoes or changing a diaper). Anytime I ask him to do something like change a diaper or put shoes on, he takes one look at the item, and says, “You don’t need shoes, Bud” and doesn’t do it. Just friggin’ do it!
  8. Always manages to dress our son like a Polack clown (I can say that because I’m a Polack!) It drives me crazy when I pick-up my son from his grandparents house, only to find him dressed in army green pants, a red shirt, yellow socks, and blue shoes. Really? What’s the matter? Couldn’t find a purple button-up sweater and a pink hat to match the rainbow? Face palm.
  9. Always asks ME where something is before looking for it. I find it extremely frustrating to be asked where something is, before attempting to look for the item. Like, can you TRY looking for it FIRST, before you ask me where it is? I know, it’s quite a concept, isn’t it?
  10. Wakes me up abruptly by loudly repeating my name and poke-shoving me. It always happens at 3:00 a.m. when he’s getting ready for work, or the ONE time a year when I fall asleep in the middle of the day. It’s like his brain decides to malfunction the second I enter my REM cycle. Which, he proceeds to do this poke-shove maneuver, where he pokes you so hard that your whole body starts to roll back and forth. Oh, don’t worry, I wasn’t sleeping or anything. It’s a cardinal rule: Do NOT wake a sleeping mother unless the house is burning down.
  11. Never tells me about plans with friends or family until the night before or the morning of the function. “By the way, can you make that jalapeno cheese dip thing for the party?” Excuse me? What? Oh, just the party that starts in an hour, and your hair is sopping wet, you have no clothes to wear because Hubbs did the laundry and ruined all of it, remember? Also, you still have to put on your face and get your child ready, so he doesn’t look like that Polack clown we were talking about. C-O-M-M-U-N-I-C-A-T-I-O-N!
  12. Gets mad when I tell him, “don’t forget…” but then he forgets. How many times does this happen to you? It happens to me every time he goes to the store. Why don’t you just go yourself, you ask? BECAUSE HE ASKED ME, IF I NEEDED HIM TO DO ANYTHING, THAT’S WHY! I tell him what I need, I even offer to write it down, and I always remind him NOT to forget. He gets irritated and sarcastically replies, “Thanks, Mother.” When he gets back, I immediately start looking for the item I specifically sent him out to retrieve. I begin to frantically inspect the shopping bags, and when I don’t see it… Yep! HE FORGOT IT! So, that sarcastic little ass-hat who copped a ‘tude about being his mother, forgot the ONE thing I needed from the store, that HE offered to go to. Thanks, I hope everyone enjoys the Jalapeño Cream Cheese Dip a.k.a the block of cream cheese.
  13. Doesn’t soak or rinse the baking sheets after using them. Spending my ‘free time’ scrubbing baking sheets is not ideal. When I see the baking sheets left on the stove, all I can think is, “I’m gonna shoot him!” and hope the burned tater-tot remnants come off without damaging the non-stick coating. So, forgive me when I banish the Baking Sheet Bandit from really ruining them the next time he decides to challenge Rachel Ray to a A Great Potato Bake-Off. Pump the brakes, Chef Childs.
  14. Uses silverware to stir or mix things in our non-stick pots and pans. One of those small things in life that make me feel super happy, is the moment when your omelet slides right out of the pan and on to the plate. I don’t know what that feeling is like anymore, thanks to the food channels and their ability to motivate Sir-Let’s-Deep-Fry-Chocolate Bars, into crafting culinary concoctions and turning my pots and pans into junkyard scraps. Now, all I get is the luxury of scraping the bottom of the so-called-omelet (despite using a pound of butter) from the bottom of the pan, onto the plate. “Scrambled eggs?” He asks. All I can do at this point is give him a dirty look.
  15. Calls me to ask what I want for lunch or dinner and then says “NO” to my suggestion. Then why are you asking? Is this the male equivalent to us asking our husbands if they want to be included in plans we’re making just to ‘be nice’ and secretly hoping they decline the invitation? If so, I am sorry. I will stop asking.
  16. NEVER listens to what I tell him or ask him to do, and then when I ask/tell him about it again, he says “you never told me that” or “I don’t remember you asking me that!” Yes, I did. You were folding towels (all wrong) and I told you that our child’s pre-school asked to bring cupcakes on Friday for the bake sale, and you said, “I’ll just grab those fudge brownies from the store that I bought last time, on my way home from work.” Shocker, when his selective amnesia kicks in and suddenly doesn’t remember. Does anyone listen to me, ever?
  17. Obsessed with timing, “what time are they coming over?” “What time will you get back?” “How long is that going to take?” But when I ask him a question in regards to time, like, “how long has the baby been sleeping?” Coincidentally, if you ask him what time Notre Dame plays, he’s on it like a fat kid on cake.
  18. Doesn’t think Will & Grace is funny. By the way, it’s my FAVORITE sitcom ever, and had I known this tidbit, I may have reconsidered saying “I Do!” Seriously though, who doesn’t think Will & Grace is funny. I would like a separate email listing your reasons.
  19. Doesn’t understand ‘stories within stories’; and that in order for me to tell one story, a back story must be told to understand the current story. He also doesn’t understand what it’s like to have ADHD. If you know someone with this condition, you know they are notorious topic hoppers. My apologies… it’s tough for us, too!
  20. Closes all doors and cabinets in our home, by slamming them shut while our toddler is napping or has just been put down for a nap. And then gets irritated when I angrily yell “SHHH!” Hey, Hulk, can you not rip the fridge door hinge when you “close” it after getting some cheese?

Yep, that will do it, gentlemen. You want to send your wife into the arms of two nurses holding each end of a straight-jacket and another nurse holding a cocktail of sedatives? Guaranteed, one or more of the things listed above will do it. Like I always tell my husband, “Your life would be so much easier if you just listened to me.” We’re not expecting you to be perfect, we just expect you to listen.

Love Always,







… But What IF Their Order Costs $38.75?


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It’s 8:30 a.m. and you’re sitting in line at your favorite coffee joint. You’re reflecting on your seemingly perfect morning, and THE question pops in your head, ” Should I pay it forward today? YES!” As you get closer to ordering, a wave of doubt washes over you about your good intention to pay it forward. “What if I tell the barista I want to pay for the car behind me, and she tells me that their order is $57? F$%K! My husband will flip shit if he finds out I spent $57 on coffee in ONE morning, that’s like my coffee budget for the month. Never mind. I’ll just do it when I get my quarterly bonus.” As you pull up to the ordering screen, “I’ll have a large a mocha latte.” The barista asks, ” Is that all?” No, do you have anything that will make me feel better for being a tight-wad?

A friend and I had this conversation, and despite the hilarity that ensued about such a scenario, the question still remains… What do you do? Tell the barista “never mind”, or do you continue asking the dollar amounts of all the cars behind you until you find an order that your bank account (and husband) won’t have a complete fit over? Tell me what you would do?











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Did The Wal-Mart Cashier Give Me The Stink Eye?

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This will be short and sweet… as this is just me venting.

Listen, I am not going to sit here and bash people for the jobs they hold and how they perform them. I am also not going to sit here and say that all the cashiers at Wal-Mart are super pleasant, either. What I am going to say is this: I know your energy is spent from having to fake smile at all the people that come through your line, cleaning up chicken juice on your conveyor belt for the 24th time today, and being forced to listen to annoying children obnoxiously cry about why they cant have every candy bar available in the checkout lane. It sucks, I get it. However, I am also not the one who told you to get a job as a cashier. So, when it takes me a few extra seconds to dig through my purse, to reach the coupon for those expensive-ass diapers, all while trying to distract my 3-year old from having a catastrophic meltdown because he was denied said candy bars (and because that’s what happens when you enter the checkout lane- they hold all their pent up aggression and ill feelings about you until they get to the checkout lane) please don’t give me the stink eye and let out a frustrated grunt. While I may look like I have my shit together, I can assure you that I don’t (obviously because I am still digging my way through my purse) and I will likely bring upon you a verbal shit-storm that you never thought was possible. It makes for a better time, if you just smile and be patient, or if you offer some words of encouragement or empathy. If you don’t have kids and don’t “get it”, just pretend and keep smiling. If you truly hate your job, or the sight of people and children repulse you, I encourage you to request moving to the lane with the cigarettes and booze… or choose an entirely different career path, preferably one that doesn’t have direct interaction with people and children. Thanks.



Tennessee For Two

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Ahh, the mountains. Nothing says pure relaxation like the serene landscapes of the mountains. The cool and crisp fresh air, the pleasant sounds of birds chirping and rivers flowing, and no cell service. No pesky sport notifications, no social media alerts, no phone calls, just nothing. And yes, if you’re wondering, I took this picture. Beautiful isn’t it? I know, thanks. Recently, my husband and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and to commemorate our vows, we planned a vacation to Eastern Tennessee. To say it was beautiful is an understatement. The Smokey Mountains are breath-taking and life changing. Yes, I just said “life changing”, because that’s what it was. If you have never been to the Smokies, put it on your bucket list. If you have visited, you know exactly what I am talking about. Even if you’re not ‘outdoorsy’, you need to experience at least driving through the Smokies, it will give you a whole new appreciation for mother nature, and (for me) my Creator.

We have never celebrated an anniversary with a vacation, but we both knew and decided that’s how we wanted to honor this one. I wanted this one to be special, because well, we deserved it. When gathering ideas for vacation destinations (and this being a celebration of our marriage), I wanted to go somewhere that would be a humbling experience. I wanted to go to a place that wouldn’t distract us from the purpose of this trip, celebrating our commitment to each other. The Great Smokey Mountains helped us accomplish that goal. It was perfect. The weather was gorgeous, cool mornings and warm afternoons. The sun shined bright and the sky was blue. The light breeze that twirled along the red spruce trees, hitting every leaf like a singer hitting every note, was harmonious. I know, you’re thinking “is she really going on about leaves blowing in the wind?” I am, but only because this was different. This was a tranquil melody of all the natural beauty provided to us by our Creator. The scenery and environment truly captured the exact outcome I was hoping to have. Being in nature and having that (very rare) one-on-one time was a really grounding for us.

Without a doubt, this vacation brought us closer together, and I am grateful. However, it would have been a way better ending had my curiosity not got the best of me, and gave me the idea to explore a hollowed-out tree. In my defense, it was a really cool looking tree. I came upon this really cool tree that had this huge oval hole in the center of it, and it had these carvings around the hole, like maybe a bear thought there was honey inside and started gnawing and clawing at it. I was curious, and got up closer to take a look. There, hanging out in the shadows, two little eyes caught my attention. SNAKE! Yes, it was a snake just hanging out inside the hole of the tree that my face was literally 6 inches away from. So, naturally, I panicked. I started screaming and running like a mad woman. If there was a bear near, it was long gone by now with those terrifying screams. In fact, I was so scared and freaked out, that my performance persuaded others who had just started down the trail to re-think their hiking idea. Also, I completely left my husband in the dust. Left him to fend for himself. Fortunately for him, he has spent a significant amount of time watching all those survival shows, that he is now a “trained survivalist” and would have grabbed that snake with his bare hands and turned it into snake stew and new handbag. Seriously. That happened.

Regardless, of where you decide to spend your anniversary, I think that its important to spend it (if possible) with just the two of you. Couples need that bonding time. Marriages need a re-charge, often, to keep the relationship fresh. I think it’s a good thing to be alone with each other from time to time, to remember that your spouse is a person too. Sometimes, we fall into these patterns due to our lifestyles and children’s routines, and we forget that our spouses have needs. The point is, take some time to spend with each other. Go somewhere that isn’t distracting so the both of you can focus on each other. Turn off the phones, the tablets, the tv, and just enjoy each other… but its way better in the mountains!


Much Love,





Marriage: Nightmare or Fairytale?


You know how it goes… You spend Saturday morning entertaining your kids AND trying to get your house cleaned. The timer on your phone chimes, and that gleam of pure bliss glazes over your eyes. It’s NAP TIME! Yes, I set a timer because if I get too heavily invested in organizing the junk drawer, I will forget about nap time and all hell will break loose by 4:30. Thankfully, your child goes down without a fight, and you JUST get done bleaching the kitchen counters, when Mr. Care-if-I-golf-this-morning walks in. Your husband is humming and doing a little victory dance down the hall to kitchen (I guess I would be that happy too, if I got to spend 5 hours every saturday morning doing my hobby), opens up the cabinet, reaches for the loaf of bread, goes to the fridge and proceeds to pull out EVERY condiment known to man and whatever else he can manage to fit on said sandwich. As Chef Flay passes by, you notice the enormous amount of breadcrumbs he left all over your freshly cleaned counters. Thoughts of suffocation fill your head. Sound familiar? No? Then you are lying to yourself. At some point your spouse has committed some act of selfishness, and flashbacks of your favorite Dateline episodes are replaying in your head. If it hasn’t happened yet, it will.

My husband and I couldn’t be more opposite of each other, yet our union seems to balance us out. He’s relaxed and I’m a OCD anxious freak with a bad temper and a short fuse-it works well. My point is this, marriage can be a fairytale (not like the way they are portrayed in cartoons), it can be harmonious. It can also be a nightmare. If you choose to morph into a creature from a horror movie, every time he doesn’t separate the whites from darks, or if he chooses to go on some rant about how you never put his seat back every time you drive his car, you have a rough road ahead of you. A healthy marriage is about balance, and picking your battles.

Anthony is a man a very few words. He is a simple man. My husband wants to play golf, eat a good meal, spend time with his family, and then catch up on sport highlights. He goes with the flow and very seldom has something negative to say about someone or a certain situation. He lets nothing bother him. I really admire that about him and respect that to no end. I, on the other hand, over-analyze situations. I can be confrontational at times, and I want to talk about everything. If I am mad, I will show it. If I have been offended, you will know it. Again, balance. If I am upset about something, he always says, “I think you’re making more out of this than what it really is.” Sometimes, that statement makes me mad. Most of the time, I know that he is right. That’s the anxiety in me that makes me worry about things I needn’t. A healthy marriage (in my opinion) displays give and take.

This year, so far, has been an eye opener to me, about our marriage. I have learned (and continue to learn) about the both of us. I have learned that it’s okay to have different opinions, regardless of how obnoxious those opinions might be. I have learned that the bickering and the arguing are going to happen, but that they are nowhere near as important as how we deal with those disagreements, and how we move forward together. Now, there are times that we might not always resolve an issue; we just fuss about it for a few hours or days, and then it vanishes. We have had plenty of those quarrels, but time took solved the issue. You may have arguments that seem unfinished or that vanish without speaking of it again, but it could have been something that seemed larger than it really was in that moment, and all it needed was time to minimize the situation. Marriage needs time.

My marriage is not perfect by any standard, it requires that we both work together to make it strong, not only for us, but for our son. I believe this year, unlike any other, has revealed to me AND my husband, that we are setting the foundation for what a healthy and strong marriage should be, to our son. It has also revealed that we have underestimated the strength of our love, by allowing us to see our short-comings and inspiring each other to be better. Arguments and disagreements are inevitable, but I am comforted by the fact that we at least have the ability to realize our faults, genuinely apologize, and move forward together; helping each other become the best person we can be. Marriage IS work.

Marriage is what you make of it. Not everyday is going to be the day in the life of princess and prince living happily ever after. You need the power of adaptability; to adapt to the constant changes within your marriage (and spouse). Both of you, need to react appropriately especially if you have children, because you are setting the foundation for healthy relationships and communication, and either let it go or decide to work on the issue together. Disputes will occur, don’t be narrow-minded; try to understand why your spouse is upset, and come up with a productive plan of action. No matter what, ALWAYS remind yourself of all the beautiful things about your spouse, that made you fall in love with them. Choose your battles. Do you really want to waste a good argument on why he insists on watching the golf channel after he just got done playing 18, just because you’re bored? You could, but it has zero benefit-trust me, I know from personal experience. Save argument energy for when he comes home with a brand new flat screen TV, and are forced to remind him that license plate renewals are due next week. Let your spouse vent about their shitty day at work, and empathize with them. Be there for each other, and show each other every chance you can, how much you love and appreciate them. Marriage is work, but it doesn’t have to be HARD-work, if you work together.





How To Spot A Twatwaffle


A reader asked me to share my thoughts on identifying a two-timing snake, which is a question I get asked most often.   These classic examples of a twatwaffle’s characteristics (in my opinion) are something I hear quite frequently when speaking with friends about someone they just started dating. It’s like witnessing a child falling off their bike and scraping their knees. When you see it happen, you can’t help but to tense up, clench your jaw, and squeal, “eeesh, that had to hurt!” That’s what happens to me. It’s painful to watch and hear. Without further ado, here are my top 10 red flags on How To Spot A Twatwaffle.

He might be a Twatwaffle if he: (these are in no particular order)

1. Takes his phone EVERYWHERE. Okay, I understand that dudes like to take their phone into the bathroom to watch sports and play games while they’re pooping; however, I’m talking about when he gets paranoid or seems panicked that he left his phone unattended and it’s within your reach. HUGE red flag that he is hiding something, like his OTHER girlfriend. If he angles his phone down or away from your view when he receives an incoming call or text, GTFO!

2. Doesn’t answer your phone calls, but sends delayed text messages. If he is in a meeting, that’s one thing. Most people, don’t typically have meetings at work that last 24 hours and prohibit phone calls or any form of communication. Red flag.

3. Doesn’t call you for days or weeks at a time, and then acts like everything is all good. There is absolutely no reason (other than death) that a person would not reach out frequently, especially if it’s someone they’re into. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, you’re never too busy to send a text. You mean to tell me, you have been so busy you haven’t picked up your phone once to do anything? I don’t think so!

4. Tells you he really wants to see you, but makes every excuse as to why he can’t.  “I didn’t know my Great Aunt Bea was in town (everyday for a month).” My favorite, “I’m SO tired.” Yeah, we all are! Sitting on the couch at 10 p.m. looking fabulous on a Saturday night is extremely disappointing. If he wants to see you and if he really likes you, he will go the distance to make it happen.

5. Doesn’t tip servers at all or well.  If a person doesn’t tip at all or well is a rotten sack of shit. Unless your dining experience was THAT horrible, I can understand not tipping or that well. Understand this: servers only make an hourly wage that’s a few bucks, so they depend on tips. Tips are what gets their bills paid and families fed. If Prince Curmudgeon doesn’t tip well or at all, he has zero respect for people in the service industry. Get to steppin’ girl.

6. Drinks excessively. If he gets wasted on the first date… RED FLAG! If he drinks with the sole purpose of getting wasted, more than likely, this is a “normal” thing for him and you don’t want to be part of that train wreck.

7. Treats his parents like garbage. If he treats his parents like crap, his PARENTS, the very people who brought his ratchet-ass into this world, what makes you think he is going to treat you better? Please list reasons, I’ll wait…

8. Sends you dick pics prior to meeting you. Yes, I said IT. Thankfully, I started dating my husband before the era of penis selfies. I don’t even understand why anyone would think its acceptable? If he is sending you pictures of his one-eyed monster before meeting you, he doesn’t have any respect for you or any female, and only wants ONE thing… and it isn’t your heart. If you’re responding to these pics with cute emojis or sending pics  back, you’re sending a whole other kind of message; one that encourages disrespectful and inappropriate behavior, and that you’re actually into it! Listen to me, don’t engage in dick pics  prior to meeting a guy and getting to know him, it leads to nothing good.

9. Displays any kind of aggression or violence. Picture this: you guys get done with dinner and he receives a call from his baby mama, who is yelling about something. He quickly and angrily gets off the phone, and starts yelling obscenities about hr and punches the steering wheel….Red flag! Everyone gets angry, but if he displays it in such a way that makes people around him uncomfortable, get out now. You don’t know him and if it’s only been a few dates and he’s already showing you this side, do you really want to stick around to see how far he can go?

10. Doesn’t stand up for you when hanging out with his douche-y friends. If you’re hanging out with Cupid, and the peanut gallery (his friends) start showing him pictures of the girls they hooked up with last night, and he doesn’t defend you or your relationship by saying something, “No bro, I don’t want to see, no girl compares to mine” or “dude, my girl is right here, don’t be a dick.” Leave. If he ACTUALLY looks, you have my permission to throw your drink in his face, and then leave.

Above all, STOP making excuses for these guys. I have heard the craziest reasons women have made for men who weren’t really into them. We all have that little voice that tells us something isn’t right, listen to it! It’s called your intuition, and she’s always right!




Why Are Toddlers SO Angry?

IMG_8014Our son still sleeps in our bed. I don’t mind. Generally, he is a good sleeper, except for when he gets sick. Then he is up all night, crying, moving around like a mad man-those are the nights I hate; and it’s not like I can kick him out of our bed when he’s sick, that’s just cruel. Fast forward to a week later and one tired mama. My son was feeling better and didn’t fuss too much the night before, and so I thought I would FINALLY get some sleep. I was having this glorious dream about Liam Hemsworth (rubbing tanning lotion on me and feeding me chocolate chip cookies) when it came to an abrupt halt, due to my lip being busted open by the very cranky and angry toddler whaling and violently thrashing his head around. Okay, there was a big part of me that wanted to body slam him. You know what I mean? Do you have a specific body part that once it gets struck, you just immediately fill with the rage and lose your mind? Yeah, that is what happened to me. Only I have the control to NOT do that; especially when I looked up and saw him studying my face. He proceeded by giving me a kiss. “Why are you so DAMN cute?” I thought to myself. Right as I leaned in to give him a kiss back, he slapped me and stormed out of the bedroom yelling and crying about something. I immediately issued a time-out and firmly explained, ‘We don’t hit people, because it hurts them!” His two minute time-out was up, and I went in his room to get him. I explained why he earned a time out, and asked him if he understood, he did three big nods and then shot me his sweetest smile. That sweet bliss lasted about two minutes before he decided to throw every block he owned out of the living room window. Face palm. Why are these little  people so angry? I mean, I know why, I just think it’s completely unnecessary. Although, when I am in the moment of Mr. Mood Swings and his super power of obliterating crackers into pieces that can only be seen with a microscope, I think about it later and laugh. How can something that small manifest so much anger and crankiness all before 8 a.m.? Who knows?

What are some of your favorite and funny memories of your little ones being cranky and angry?